Friday Five: May Days

Here are five things I love about the month of May:

Celebrations: Son #2 and husband have birthdays, then comes Mother’s Day, and the month winds down (and summer kicks off) with Memorial Day.

Weather: The days warm up—sometimes too much; today is almost 90 degrees—but the nights are still cool and comfortable.

Blooming things: Iris, bleeding hearts, even dandelions…though I prefer not to have too many of the latter in my lawn.

Planting: I can get seeds in the ground and flowers in their pots, and it will be weeks before I have to battle garden pests and July heat.

Baseball: The big leaguers are back at it, and so are my boys. Even though games four evenings a week mean our dinnertimes are crazy until late July, it’s still so much fun.

Have a great weekend!


betty said…
Those are all great things to like May about!! Especially the celebrations of Mother's Day and birthdays!! May you have a great weekend and Mother's Day!

liz young said…
Its 10.45pm here and ~I've got the fan on because it is NOT cool and comfortable! Happy birthday to your menfolk.

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