Tarot Reading

Seinfeld fans, remember the series of episodes where Jerry and George were about to hit the big time with their show about nothing when George noticed that weird white thing on his lip?

George: God would never let me be successful; he'd kill me first. He'd never let me be happy.
Therapist: I thought you didn't believe in God?
George: I do for the bad things.

I’m kind of the same way. For example, if a friend told me she had a dream I won the lottery, I’d laugh about it. If, however, she told me she dreamed I was hit by a bus, I’d be really dang careful crossing the street. So I tend to avoid palm readers and fortune tellers and the like. But when I saw an ad for tarot readings at Boutique Bravo, I figured I had nothing to lose. Or did I? (Insert sinister laugh here.)

Tarot cards have an interesting history. I didn’t know that the first Tarot cards were originally created for games. The use of Tarot for divination dates back to England and France circa 1781. There are also many different versions of Tarot decks, from Native American imagery to Angels to the beautiful Golden Tarot used in my reading to, of all things, Disney.

Theresa Rose has been reading tarot for 28 years, so I felt confident that she knew what she was doing. And the fact that she did not in any way resemble Harry Potter's Professor Trelawney helped, too.

Theresa shuffled the cards to clear them of any leftover energy and asked me if I had a question I wanted to think about. I did and focused on that for a moment with my hands on the cards. Being a tarot novice, I thought that she would deal out my cards a la Blackjack, but I was allowed to pick my own. Once I did, Theresa interpreted them.

Nothing was said of lotteries or being run over by a bus. But what did come up were the issues of creativity, inspiration, emotion, money, and even diet. I know, those are general topics that apply to almost everyone, but the ways in which they were manifest in the reading felt very specific to me. It was fun to make the connections between the cards and what’s happening in my life, and, as Theresa said, it was not at all “creepy.” I'm glad I did it, and I will do it again.

Theresa’s rates are very reasonable, and she does parties, which I think would be a blast. She can be reached at clp@frii.com.


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