Friday Five: Family Treats

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day to brighten up the middle of February. Today's Friday Five includes some of my family's favorite special treats, for winter or anytime.

1. Husband: New Belgium's Frambozen. He looks forward to its release every year.

2. Me: It's so hard to choose, but I stopped by Genoa Coffee last week for the first time and had a delicious espresso/Nutella/whipped cream coffee drink that was amazing, even in decaf form. It had a cool Italian name, too, which I have of course forgotten.

3. Older son: Walrus Ice Cream's chocolate-chocolate chip.

4. Younger son: Morning Fresh Dairy's Rootbeer Milk, made with Coopersmith's Root Beer Syrup.

5. Dog: Anything that falls on the floor, especially if it's a treat from Bones du Jour.

Have a great weekend!


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