Friday Five: Fun Facts

Here are five fun facts from Charlene Tresner's book Streets of Fort Collins - A History of Fort Collins, Colorado, Through Its Street Names:

Early Fort Collins resident Norman H. Meldrum was elected every time he ran for public office, from city treasurer in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Colorado's lieutenant governor;

Arthur C. Sheely was a former Aggie who owned an auto dealership and helped raise the money to build Hughes Stadium;

Charles S. Willox was a fieldman for the Great Western Sugar Company;

Edora combines the names of Edwin and Cora Johnson, original owners of the land where the park stands; and

Frederick Sherwood was appointed by President Lincoln "as an agent to supply the Arapahoe Indians with food and take responsibility for their welfare."

Any guesses as to which one of those gents is pictured below?


Anonymous said…
I "Sherwood" like to know who that is!

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