Vines Vintage Market

When I’m out and about in town, I try to keep my eyes open for signs advertising new-to-me places and/or activities. The fun part is, I don’t always know what I’ll find when I follow the signs. I might discover amazing kinetic yard art. Or I might unintentionally almost take my sons to a head shop—and then stumble across a treasure trove next door.

I’ve been routinely passing a sign advertising the opening of Vines Vintage Market for a couple of weeks now, and it piqued my interest. Part of the reason I was curious is that the sign beckoned from the Cimarron Plaza on the southwest corner of Drake Road and Shields Street. There hasn’t been a lot going on at that plaza as of late, especially since Blockbuster closed. It’s not that far from my neighborhood, but I didn’t often have a reason to go there, aside from the occasional hankering for the buffet at Mt. Everest Café. So I was hoping that Vines would be worth a stop.

The moment I set foot in the door—which was propped open to welcome shoppers and the warm October air—I knew it was. Vines has a friendly, funky vibe, with absolutely zero old-attic-musty-dusty that sometimes plagues vintage and resale shops. The store artfully combines retail space for 17 different vendors offering clothing, jewelry, furniture, functional and decorative items for the home, and locally made candles, soaps, and skin products. Some items are antique, vintage, and/or repurposed, and some are new. (I know, there are an awful lot of commas in this paragraph, so thanks for sticking with me.)

Honestly, I’m a bit (okay, a lot) on the frugal side and have fled in quiet dismay from more than one boutique. But the prices at Vines are really reasonable and fit every budget, from two dollars to two thousand dollars. I came home with a fun new bead bracelet, a pre-owned J. Jill cardigan, and a vintage doorknob plaque thingie for just under forty dollars. Shopping aside, I also enjoyed chatting with owner Kathryn Grant. I was glad to hear that business has been brisk since the opening. What’s more, Kathryn also hosts after-hours vintage parties and showers, complete with libations if you so desire.

The retail website is still under construction, but the Vines Vintage blog is up and running, with lots of great pictures of the merchandise. I’m so glad that Vines is bringing an Old Town flair to my zip code, and I plan to stop by frequently to see what’s new. And old.


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