Friday Five: Week Recap

Wow, what a crazy week. Zombies, fire, and ice…sounds like the makings of an apocalyptic novel. (Truly, my very best wishes go out to everyone affected by the Penny Flats fire.) But looking forward, there’s a ton of stuff to do around town this weekend, so get out and scare up some fun. And, above all, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Today’s Friday Five includes photos from the week:

True Die Hard Cub fans at the Zombie Crawl

Pre-snow foliage

Yeah, he meant to do that.

Two of many casualties

Run, kids, before the creepy snowman grabs your candy

Mystery Photo:
Last week's picture was of the shark at Pott's in Campus West:

Which Old Town building is keeping watch this holiday?


April Moore said…
I LOVE the die hard Cubbie fans! Great pictures, Jenny!
Jenny said…
I know, wasn't that a great idea for a zombie get-up?

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