Friday Fun: Fall Facts

Hey, how about some fun fall-related facts for your Friday?

Aspen trees are related to willows. What appear to be individual aspen trees are actually genetic clones joined by a single root network. Because the groves are healthiest when they include trees at various stages of development, the aspen is thought to symbolize community and strength through diversity.

Elk (aka wapiti, meaning “white rump”) are members of the deer family. Bulls grow new antlers every year. In spring, the increasing daylight stimulates the testosterone needed for antler growth. The antlers can grow up to 1 inch per day during the summer. Before you head up to hear them bugle, learn more from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation website.

Estes Park—a beautiful place this time of year—is named for Kentucky-born miner Joel Estes. Estes, who struck it rich in the California gold rush, moved to the area in 1859 with his wife and 13 children. Read more about the history of the village here.

Have a great weekend!

Mystery Photo:Last week’s picture was taken at Bath Nursery.

Where in Fort Collins was this week’s picture taken?


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