Tour de Fat

Hello, everyone!
(Too lazy for a real post,
Hence the bad haiku.)

I rode Tour de Fat
With my husband and my sons.
It was our first time.

Thousands of riders,
On a beautiful morning,
Heading down the street.

It’s like Halloween
Without as much candy, but
Way more bicycles.

Hard to take pictures
While balancing on my bike.
Some turned out like this:

I wore crazy socks.
My boys donned fake mustaches,
One son with a wig.

My husband wore his
Chicago Bears jersey with
Number thirty-four.

(Next year we plan to
Come up with better costumes.
This year, time was short.)

Many men in drag
Riding in their miniskirts.
Jeez, that must be tough.

Santa Claus was there!
No need for flying reindeer
If you have fat tires.

Everywhere I looked
Were many happy people.
Only a few crashed.

The spectators were
As much fun as the riders.
Plus, they had breakfast.

At City Park, a
String trio played some music.
That was really cool.

A few stormtroopers
Hung out in the median
Looking Star Wars-y.

I smiled so much, I
Thought I’d have bugs in my teeth.
But no, I didn’t.

It was a great time,
This legendary event.
We’ll do it again.


mama c said…
How fun! Do they pass out free beer afterwards!?
Jenny said…
Fun, yes. Beer, yes. Free, no. But no charge for the live music and the superb people-watching!
Hilarious! Now there's a bike race I'd sign up for. Lucky you - and thanks for sharing!

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