Friday Feature: Clean Air Compost

I've decided that occasionally on Fridays, I'll feature a product or service I think is cool, because if Oprah can make recommendations, so can I. Granted, it's the one and only thing she does that I can do, but, hey, a gal's gotta start somewhere. Today's featured business is the locally owned and operated Clean Air Composting Service, and I'm featuring it because I just signed up for their home composting service.

Every time I clean out my fridge and throw away a bag of goo formerly known as--well, let's go with eggplant--I feel guilty because I know I should be composting. And I also know that having a successful home compost pile is not rocket science. Throw stuff in, stir it around.... But, frankly, I just don't want to deal with it. (And the first time a snake, a mouse, or a crazed opossum jumped out at me, I would be so done.)

Thank goodness for the posse. Not only will they take care of my watermelon rinds and floppy celery, but they also accept waxed paper ice cream containers, chicken bones, dog poo, and a whole bunch of other stuff. (Check their website for details.) I think it will be a great service, and I'm looking forward to reducing the amount of trash I send to the landfill.

So take that, eco-guilt!

Mystery Photo:
Last week's picture was taken at the Melting Pot.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


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