Friday Faces: Thurman "Fum" McGraw

A proclamation from Governor Hickenlooper and a Facebook page make it all official: this Saturday, CSU will celebrate its 30th Ag Day. All-around star athlete and CSU football legend Fum McGraw was instrumental in starting this long-standing tradition. After his success at CSU, he played for the Detroit Lions, was a line coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and served as CSU’s athletic director. Read about him here and about his involvement in Ag Day here.

It should be a beautiful weekend for football in Fort Collins. If you can’t make it to Ag Day, at least wear orange, shout “Go Rams!" at random intervals, and try to eat something with barbecue sauce on it.

Mystery Photo:
Last week’s photo was of the Poudre River Arts Center.

Where in Fort Collins was I when I took this picture?


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