Habitat's ReStore

Hey, BeLocal Coupon Book holders, the time to use up those coupons that expire on September 1st is ticking away. You’ve had your free breakfast entrée at Lucile’s, your free lunch at Enzio’s, and your free drink at Elliot’s. You’ve saved on drycleaning and pet food and landscaping services. You’ve shopped at Wadoo Furniture, Happy Lucky’s, Trimble Court, and White Balcony. Hopefully, your coupon book is looking beat-up and ready to retire.

But before you call it good, don’t forget to use your 15% off coupon at the Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The Fort Collins Habitat “practices a ‘hand-up, not a hand-out’ policy through working in partnership with low-income families to build simple, decent and affordable homes.” The ReStore helps fund that mission.

I’ve donated items to ReStore but had never been in to look around. The store has everything, from paperback books to a Duncan Phyfe dining set and buffet, from measuring tapes to a motor home. Yes, they sell cars. And doors. And toilets. And kitchen sinks. I enjoy the occasional bargain-hunt, but I refuse to go to garage sales because I always feel weird standing in a stranger’s driveway while they watch me poke through their stuff. ReStore’s slogan is Restore Your Home, Restore Their Hope, which is good, but I think they should add All the Bargains, None of the Awkwardness.

I loved the retro-look of the old sewing machine and was inordinately pleased to see the fat-jiggling, vibrating-belt massager from back in the day. (Wouldn’t you love to see an infomercial featuring those contraptions?) I wasn’t in the market for anything in particular, but I couldn’t turn down this cool tie-dye glass thingie, which is now a candleholder in my garden.

ReStore receives new stuff constantly, and you can bet I’ll visit again. If you don’t have the BeLocal coupon, check the ReStore website for other coupons and discounts.

(Psst, savvy shoppers…BeLocal now has a free online coupon book.)


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