Friday Fun: Founders Day

Happy 141st Birthday, Colorado State! Today is CSU Founders Day. On February 11, 1870, Colorado Territorial Governor Edward McCook signed the Colorado Morrill Act, which established the State Agricultural College in Fort Collins. "In the 141 years since, the institution, now known as Colorado State University, has become one of the nation's leading research universities with world- renowned research in infectious disease, atmospheric science, clean-energy technologies and environmental science. Annual research expenditures exceed $300 million annually.” (From Today at noon, the party at the Lory Student Center Plaza will include Cam the Ram, cake, the Pep Band and Spirit Squad, and Provost Rick Miranda.

For an informative summary of the past 141 years, please visit A Brief History of CSU.

Mystery Photo
Jena correctly guessed last week’s photo, taken at Landings Park on Boardwalk Drive.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


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