Friday Five

Why not do a little websurfing to ease into your Friday? Here are links to five (plus one) local blogs of interest:

The Family Trailhead: The adventures of "a Colorado family that tries to get outside as much as possible."

New Belgium: Yeah, it's about beer and beer stuff. And life.

Epicurean Vegan: Tasty recipes, even for a carnivore like me.

Visionary Healthcare: Dr. Rulon Stacey is CEO of Poudre Valley Health System...who knew he also has time to blog?

Old Firehouse Books and The Matter Bookstore: (I couldn't choose just one.) Great places in old town to pick up some books and a sense of community.

If you have a local blog to recommend, leave a comment!

Mystery Photo:
Last week's photo was of artist Laura Audrey's Foot Bridge on Drake Road between Taft Hill Road and Dunbar Street.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


Kerrie said…
This looks like it is at the Drake Center in front of the Columbine Cafe.
Cricket McRae said…
I had no idea New Belgium had a blog! Very cool. (And I agree with Kerrie re: the photo location)
Anonymous said…
1. Art Playground of Frank Stanley
Fort Collins artist Frank Stanley changes the world one crane at a time

2. Barefoot Meg
A Fort Collins voice from north of Drake Road

3. Cache La Poudre
Blogging from a bona fide native of Northern Colorado

4. Choice City Native
Exploring Fort Collins one week at a time Ooops, that's where we're at!

5. Enjoy Fort Collins
A useful blog about events and experiences

6. The Family Trailhead
Colorado family that tries to get outside as much as possible (Already mentioned... And for good reason)

7. Feasting Fort Collins
Kristin is a Fort Collins food critic who reviews everything food related

8. Gary Wockner's Writing and Advocacy
He who cannot howl, will not find his pack

9. HeidiTown
Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer writes about Northern Colorado events, festivals and more

10. Logically Local
Promoting Fort Collins local business

11. Lost Fort Collins
An unofficial exploration of Fort Collins' history, now produced by Terrance Hoaglund

12. Matter Daily
News, views, and community website run by staff and volunteers of Wolverine Farm Publishing (Yes, also already mentioned, for a reason, check it out right now, after you finish reading this post)

13. My Built Environment
Musings and views on the built environment: Good, bad and really ugly

14. NoCo Link
Entertaining and informative television about Northern Colorado

15. Roadside Mysteries
Life on the Front Range – Fort Collins and more

16. The Smith Compound
A new home in the West. A haven in thin, dry air.

17. Tom Paine's Ghost
A freethinker's cove courtesy of Kris Hite (I actually hate this guy because I link to him and submitted an entry to his contest, but he won't link back to me... Nonetheless, he presents a bona fide perspective you'll find engaging)

18. Two Knobby Tires Guide
Colorado hiking trail maps, mountain bike trails, camping sites, summit videos (Oddly, I think I know the people who publish this from 30 years ago)

In addition, I just assume you know all about Nick Armstrong's blog and read it.

Cheers -- 3D, who does publish his own Fort Collins blog, "Draggin' the Line"
Jenny said…
Wow! Thanks for the great list. I'm looking forward to visiting some new local blogs!
Epicurean Vegan said…
Hey, Jenny! From one (vegan) choice city native to another . . . thanks for listing my site today! :)

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