Friday Find

Happy Friday, everyone. The other day, I stopped in for a cappuccino at Half Moon Bay Coffee (the café of The Readers Cove Bookstore) and made a fun discovery: fabric "coffee cozies" made by Mickey Hover (designsbyMickey4u) of Fort Collins.

Before: Not so pretty. I have nothing against UPS. They've always treated my packages well, and I'm rather fond of their brown trucks. But do I really need their advertising on my coffee?

Moments later: cup was wrapped in love! And it was much nicer to hold on to. If I were Oprah, I would give one to each of you. But you can get your own for less than 10 bucks. ($8 at Half Moon Bay; $6.50 plus shipping on website.)

Check Mickey’s website for different patterns of coffee sleeves and other fun products.

Mystery Photo:
Yes, last week’s photo was of The Drake Centre.

Where in Fort Collins was this week’s picture taken?


Anonymous said…
Ah man! Why of why didn't I think of the coffee cozy idea. Very clever!

Marcie Johnston
Jenny said…
I know, right?

But in truth, I gave up on sewing when I made two right-hand pockets for my skirt project in junior high.

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