Week 15: Beauty School Haircut

I’ve noticed that a lot of women are sporting really cute short haircuts as of late. I think about doing the same from time to time, but I know I can’t commit to a hairstyle that needs trimming every four to six weeks. But even free-range hair such as mine needs occasional cutting to keep it from going completely feral—a look not many women can pull off. Normally, I would schedule an appointment with my regular stylist, but where’s the adventure in that?

Instead, I opted for—say it with me in your best Amy Poehler voice—beauty school, y’all! (I don’t know why I imagine Amy saying it, but it would be funny if she did.) The Hair Dynamics Education Center (located at 6464 South College Avenue) has been training Northern Colorado hairstylists for 25 years. I figured it was time I paid them a visit.

It was a busy place at 10:00 on Friday morning, which I took as a positive sign. I had made an appointment and didn’t have to wait long at all for my stylist-in-training. (I won’t use her name because I didn’t tell her I’d be writing about her. I didn’t want to make her nervous.) She ushered me to my chair, and we had a quick talk about what I wanted, which was pretty simple—the same, but shorter.

The hairstylist program at Hair Dynamics is 40 credits/1200 hours. For the first three months, the students work on human-hair head mannequins before moving on to real live clients. My stylist was nearing the end of her program, which increased my comfort level a bit. She was very friendly, with the kind of demeanor that will serve her well in her chosen profession. (I’m always surprised when I run across a stylist who seems incapable of making casual conversation.) Her skill level was up to the task, but she did seem tentative at times, especially when trimming my bangs. Honestly, I’ve never held so still in my life as I did when those scissors were near my eyes.

"Just a trim today. But leave enough length to hide my severed neck."

When she was finished, she brought over an instructor, who examined and signed off on the final result. I was not offered the chance to use a hand mirror to look at the back of my head. But I did that when I got home, and it was fine.

A note about ambience: this is not a gurgling-fountain/glass-of-wine/spa-salon type of experience. It’s a big place with many people talking at once and announcements made over a loudspeaker. And, like any training facility, I’m sure it’s a crap-shoot. Some trainees probably don’t make the grade. But my haircut was definitely not the worst I’ve ever had, and at a pre-tip price of $8.50, I can’t complain.

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