Friday Fun: Famous Faces

Match the famous Fort Collins face with the name. Shown below, in no particular order, are: Ansel Watrous, first newspaperman; Antoine Janis, early settler; Joseph E. Mason, first postmaster; Franklin C. Avery, early resident and bank president; and Lt. Col. William Oliver Collins, for whom Fort Collins was named. For more historic photos, please visit the extensive online archives of the Fort Collins History Connection. (Scroll down to the bottom for answers.)

Friday Mystery Photo:

Last week's picture was taken in the atrium of the Harmony Library. (Forest Light, George Peters, Boulder, CO 1999)

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?

Answer: The gents are, from top to bottom: Avery, Mason, Janis, Collins, Watrous


Anonymous said…
Jen - I think you on Spring Creek behind Roland Moore Park for this weeks mystery photo?

Marcie Johnston
Finally! I believe that's right. It looks the the bridge from the parking lot over to the tennis courts.

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