Friday Trivia

I know you’re all polishing up your bios, and next week I’ll be inundated with fascinating Fort Collins Stories. In the meantime, just in case you’ve been losing sleep pondering this question, here’s the explanation for the names of the streets in and around Old Town (read the entire article at Fort Collins History Connection):

Most of the east-west or angled streets are named after trees or shrubs, including Pine, Linden, Chestnut, Willow, Walnut, Elm, Sycamore, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Olive, Magnolia, Myrtle, Laurel, Plum and Locust. The north-south streets are named after prominent residents of the time, including Sherwood (first judge), Mason (first sheriff), Remington (postmaster), Matthews (businessman, county clerk), Peterson (donated land for college), Whedbee (first mayor), Smith (first doctor), and Stover (banker).

Lincoln Avenue was named for President Lincoln, who signed the order establishing Camp Collins in 1864. Elizabeth Street was named for Elizabeth “Auntie” Stone, who ran the army mess hall, the first hotel, and the first school. (It’s the only east-west street named for a pioneer settler.) LaPorte Avenue is named for the original site of Camp Collins.

Happy Friday!

Friday Mystery Photo:

Where in Fort Collins was this picture taken:


Anonymous said…
You are SO on my team for next year's Fort Collins History Mystery tour!

Could the picture be from the gardens at Old Fort Collins High School?

jollygood said…
I often wondered who the people were who had the streets named for them. Good to know!

I agree with MJohnston: it's gotta be the gazebo by the old Fort Collins High School.
Unknown said…
I thought the photo was the research gardens at CSU across from the CSU Art Museum.

Was that once FCHS?
Jenny said…
You're all correct. The picture is of the gazebo at the CSU Annual Test Gardens, across the street from the old FCHS (which is now the CSU University Center for the Arts).

Good work! (Was it too easy...?)
Anonymous said…
A little easy, but that's OK! Fun to feel smart every once and awhile! :) Thanks Jen. Love your blog!


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