Friday Flowers

More from the CSU Annual Test Gardens. If you haven't visited yet, head over there before the weather...well, you know what's coming. Have a great weekend!

Finally, the Friday Mystery Photo
Where in Fort Collins was this picture taken?


Anonymous said…
Love the pics. You are not only a writer, but a photographer as well!

I have an unfair advantage on the mystery photo only because of Kevin's involvement with Ft. Collins flood(and of course our recent visit to DQ earlier this week)! Isn't it the statue at Spring Canyon Park next to DQ on Shields?

Marcie Johnston
Very nice photos. I love visiting the trial gardens.

The statue looks very familiar...but I can't remember where I've seen it. Marcie's probably right.

Jenny said…
Marcie, you're a tough one to stump. The sculpture is at Creekside Park, south of Dairy Queen on College. It's called "Human Spirit," by Jack Kreutzer (1999).

Well done!

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