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Reader Story #3

Since the 80’s, my husband and I and our two children vacationed at our in-laws' house in Fort Collins. From there, we enjoyed all the great things in and around this town. Our children had the pleasure of staying longer during the summer visiting Grandma Jean and Grandad Herb. Granddad took pictures of them everywhere. We have quite an album of them at the Sweatsville Zoo, to simply standing at the deli at Albertsons.

In August 1999, we decided the time seemed right to try and sell our house and move to the place we’ve always wanted to live. We didn’t have jobs waiting for us; we simply figured if the house sells, it’s time to go. It sold in 6 hours. We packed and were gone in 3 weeks. I lived with my in-laws while our children (then 13 and 17) started school. My husband kept his job in Illinois, traveling back and forth for 6 months. It was challenging, but exciting. We made it! I jokingly said, “It took us 20 years, but we finally got here!”

At first, it was a little challenging. We knew our favorite restaurants, movie theaters, parks and places to play, but it was an adjustment to daily living. Going to school, work, and grocery stores was not part of our activities while here on vacation. But, we’d look up at the Horsetooth rock and pinch ourselves that we were really here! We now called this place home. Life was great.

Within six weeks, I found a job, and settled in. I often heard my co-workers use the phrase “quality of life”. It was important that our work place be close to home. Bike riding, outdoor activities, even our pets are very important for our overall health and happiness. I liked that. I appreciate these values.

Another thing that is important to people of FC is education. Just this week, Fort Collins was recognized with another achievement. We are ranked #14 among the “Brainiest Cities”. This is a town of smart people, I see it every day. I work with engineers and they amaze me.

With all this knowledge, culture, love of family, diversity, and growth of the city, we must remember change is inevitable. If we embrace and respect this fact, I think Fort Collins will continue to be better than ever. Not “the way things used to be”, but different, and hopefully, always improving.

People vacation or pass through Fort Collins longing to someday live here. We have the pleasure of going off on vacation, experiencing new and different places and at the end of our vacation have the benefit of coming home to Northern Colorado. This seems to be a great definition of “Quality of Life” don’t you think?


Friday Fun Mystery Photo

Where in Fort Collins was this photo taken?


Jeremy said…
Are you messin' with us, and this was actually taken in Chicago?

Also, I read the reader story... very much reminds me of a conversation had with a KS relative over the long weekend. This 'Ft. Fun' place is an easy place with which to fall in love.
Jenny said…
I'm not messin' with you...that (Chicago-esque?) photo was taken right here in town, at the north entrance of the Foothills Mall.

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