Photo of the Week: Dandelion Spring

Thanks to all the rain and snow we got in April and the warm temperatures so far in May, many of our grassy areas look like this:

Too bad dandelions are weeds, not flowers. They're really kind of pretty.

Enjoy your weekend!


Sharon Himsl said…
Someone once told me they are flowers in England. Could be one of those urban legends, but I always thought it was a wonderful solution.
Susan Kane said…
I read that dandelions were brought over as seeds by immigrants in the 1800s, from northern Europe. The flower-now-cursed was a great nutritional source in early spring.
Jenny said…
I hadn't thought of dandelions as an important source of nutrition. Though I do like dandelion tea, I've yet to chow down on the rest.
Unknown said…
I have a weakness for dandelions too. If only weeds could look pretty without trying to take over the yard.
orneryswife said…
I have heard they are quite tasty, but I haven't ever harvested them. I love the clocks and flowers, but Ornery is not so fond.

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