May Day!

Congratulations to everyone who jumped in for the A to Z Challenge this year! Was is just me, or was this a crazy month? I started out strong and faded big time, but I did manage to post for every letter. Thanks to everyone who visited, commented on, and followed my blog. I'm sure I lost track of some of you, but I'm going to hopefully get caught up one of these days. And thanks as always to the organizers of this great challenge. It gives me a blogging boost that lasts for months, and for that, I am grateful.

I had a blast reading your posts! Gosh, you're a bunch of clever bloggers. And after a little down time, I'm going to keep working through the list and finding great new voices out there in the blogging world. Best wishes for a happy May, everyone!

Do April snow showers bring May flowers? I certainly hope so!


Unknown said…
Had fun getting to know you.

Came by from Tales of the Reborn Crafter
orneryswife said…
I shall have to hunt for your banner! :) Lovely getting to know you, and looking forward to getting better acquainted!

Happy May--and we would be delighted for spring to actually arrive--we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow night after three days in the 80's! Ugh!
Ann Hinds said…
Fort Collins was just mentioned on the news with the snow forecast. We will have 100 degrees tomorrow so maybe we could average them and both have nice weather. I would have never caught the Fort Collins weather report had I not spend the month of April touring you lovely city.
Unknown said…
I enjoyed meeting you via your blog this month. Keep warm the next few days!
Jenny said…
Thank you, MaryAnn. I enjoy visiting your blog.

OW, fun meeting you, and I hope your weather is warming up.

Ann, that's so funny that you heard our weather report. We got a foot of snow! But it's gone now. I love spring :-)

Thank you, Jan. I've enjoyed learning about your part of the country!

Arlee Bird said…
I am now following!

Congratulations for making it until the end of the Challenge. The list on the A to Z Blog will stay up all year so you can keep visiting blogs you missed in April.

Thanks for being a part of this

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out

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