Photo of the Week: A Manslaughter of Crows

I’ve seen so many crows lately, and they seem larger than ever. How is that happening? Solar radiation? Secret genetic engineering experiments? Extra-nutritious roadkill? If they had the right kinds of feet, they’d be able to carry away inattentive cats and small children. But even though the crows are loud and bossy, I do love seeing them perched among the bare winter branches—it’s so Edgar Allen Poe.

Of course, when I set out to photograph a whole bunch of them doing just that, the most I could find at any one time was three. Not quite enough to be a murder of crows, so that’s why I call them a manslaughter. Even though the law says that manslaughter is a lesser crime than murder, it sounds so much worse, doesn't it? Here is comedian Brian Regan’s take on it. Enjoy.


liz young said…
Nothing ever sits still for me to photograph it either, including grandchildren!

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