Friday Fun: Festival Photos

Our annual Bohemian Nights at New West Fest was last weekend. It's a great party with more than 90 bands playing free live music, tons of food and drink, vendors, and activities. The only bummer is that when New West Fest comes around, the end of summer is soon to follow. 

Here are several photos of random stuff that caught my eye downtown and/or at the fest. Have a fabulous weekend!

Who you gonna call?

Spares for the mannequin above, maybe?

But did he call it macaroni?

My son contemplating a career with the circus


liz young said…
Oh - my - gods - is that a bungee jump? The very thought makes me want to heave. I withdraw my threat to come and live there. Seriously though, you do have a lively town!
Jenny said…
It's a bungee trampoline--less hair-raising than a bungee jump, but still too much for me :-)
barefootmeg said…
The bunging jumping looked like a lot of fun. I only saw kids on it, though. Was that because they had a weight limit or just that all the adults were too scaredy cat to join in?

What bands did you see? I'm not usually a concert person, but I love Bohemian Nights. I've discovered so much good music that way.
Jenny said…
Both, I think.

This year we didn't hear as many bands as we usually do :-( The only names I can remember right now are Bad Brad and the Fat Cats, After Midnight, Dvotchka, and the Gypsy Kings. The great thing is being able to wander around, listen to a band for a while, then stay and hang out if we like it or move on if we don't.

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