Dog Days III

Well, we can't have Dog Days without dogs, now can we? I saw these puppies at a Poudre Puppy Rescue adoption event yesterday. They were so darn cute I wanted to put one in my purse and run away. Of course I didn't, as Grand Theft Puppy probably wouldn't set a good example for my boys... though I'm sure they wouldn't complain about having a new dog to love.

I do hope these little guys and gals find good homes very soon.


deathwriter said…
I want a dog, but I don't think my two cats could handle dog energy. They're a little too chipper:)
Jenny said…
I'm always amazed by people who have both dogs and cats. I've never been able to pull that off. So now I have a 9 year old dog who sleeps as much as a cat :-)
Maestra Amanda said…
Oh, I hope they do! They are adorable!
Unknown said…
Your post reminds me of my wife. She can't pass a shelter or any dogs for sale without wanting more. If it were up to her we'd have a pack living with us! Great Dog Days posts!

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