Friday Five: It's Holiday Time

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now that it's over, I will officially acknowledge the Christmas season, which means I no longer have to plug my ears and chant "la la la la la" when I hear holiday music.

Today's Friday Five includes easy strategies for surviving the most wonderful time of the year:

1. Be friendly - We all get stressed. Smile a little. Drive nicely.
2. Be festive - Go ahead, wear the elf hat with the jingle bell on top.
3. Be frugal (on occasion) - Sometimes it's best to just say no.
4. Be fit - Your pants will thank you come January.
5. Be fast - For example: if you're at the register, and you're writing a check, and you don't start filling out the check until the very end of your transaction, and you write it for extra cash, and you can't remember which pocket of your purse your driver's license is in, and you feel compelled to share the details of the last six days of your life with the checker while searching for said license, then I guarantee someone in line behind you will: a) forget #1, and/or b) have an aneurysm.

May all your holiday wishes come true!


Dean K Miller said…
Great reminders, not just for the holiday season (though most needed, then), but for every day of the year.

Savor the moments, find the fun!
Jenny said…
Dean, I hope you find lots of fun this holiday season!

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