Friday Find: CSU Surplus

My recent search for football gear for Halloween costumes led me to the CSU Surplus Property store, which I never knew existed. From their website: “Surplus Property is responsible for the handling and disposition of all property that the University no longer has a use for.” In other words, if CSU had a garage sale, this would be it. Located at 201 W. Lake Street, the Surplus is open to the public from 7:30-4:00 Monday through Friday. The easiest way to get there is to take College Avenue to Lake Street and go west. There’s even parking right in front of the building, which is almost unheard of on campus.

Mystery Photo:
Last week’s spooky building was the Centennial Galleries on Linden Street.

Where in Fort Collins was this week’s picture taken?


Mo said…
Love the picture of the building.
Kerrie said…
I have heard rumors that such a place existed at CSU, now I know the urban myth is true. Thanks for the directions on how to get there. I will have to stop by there sometime.

(photo is Epic)

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