Friday Fun Facts

I hope you all stayed cool this week! (The twilight swim at City Park Pool is a great place to do it.) Here are some random Fort Collins facts for your Friday:

Founding father Joseph Mason was a French Canadian whose original name was Messier.

Canyon Avenue, once used by timber and stone haulers, was the most direct route from old Fort Collins to Spring Canyon.

The Tafts, for whom Taft Hill Road is named, were distantly related to President Taft.

The old Post Office was built on a military burial ground.

Thurman “Fum” McGraw was CSU’s first football All American (1948) and went on to play for five years with the Detroit Lions.

Architect Montezuma W. Fuller was a Mayflower descendant.

A public resort for fishing, boating, and swimming opened at Lindenmeier Lake in 1908.

William Danforth, for whom CSU’s Danforth Chapel is named, founded the Ralston Purina Company.

The Great Western Sugar Company sugar beet refinery, which began operations in 1904, was built at a cost of $1.2 million.

The first street paving—College Avenue from LaPorte to Oak—began in 1916.

The Rolling Stones performed at Hughes Stadium in the summer of 1975.

Mystery Photo:
Last week’s photo was of the median crosswalk on Elizabeth Street in Campus West.

Where in Fort Collins was this week’s picture taken?


Cricket McRae said…
Fun facts indeed! I'm going to guess that's the Gardens at Spring Creek in the photo(?)

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