Friday Field Trip: Horsetooth Swim Beach

Because of the high water level, this spot is almost more swim than beach these days. But it's still a beautiful place to cool off. Have a great weekend!

Mystery Photo:
Last week's photo was of the fountain on the Rio patio.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


Anonymous said…
Hey - LOVE your blog! I just discovered it by accident when I googled "Horsetooth Swim Beach" to see if I could find any info about it since I've lived here 6 years and never been. It brought me to your site and an hour later I'm still sitting here at my computer reading abut your other weekly adventures in FTC. Thanks for sharing and motivating me to get out and discover more about our great city! Quick question: with the high water levels at Horsetooth, is the beach big enough to picnic, swim & spend a few hours relaxing with out-of-town company or should we scratch that idea? I look forward to reading more on your blog. :) ~ Kim
Jenny said…
Hi, Kim. Thanks for stopping by, and for your nice comments. There is still enough sand at Horsetooth--just a little farther up the slope. And there are plenty of picnic tables near the parking lot. We went during the week, so it wasn't very crowded. On the weekend, it might be a different story. Have fun!

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