Week 41: The French Nest Market

Mothering aside, I don’t typically put on my bossy pants and tell people what they have to do. When my husband and I eat out, I don’t wave a bite of my food in front of his face and tell him, “You have to try this!” If I’m reading a book I really like, I’ll talk about it without throwing out the imperative, “You have to read this!” So it’s not in my nature to tell you that you have to attend The French Nest Market in downtown Fort Collins.

But you really should. Especially if you enjoy any or all of the following:

Unique gifts
Friendly people
Shopping outdoors
Live music
Free Mugs coffee
Shopping alone
Handmade arts and crafts
Shopping with friends
Supporting worthy causes
Shopping with Bob (c’mon, everyone knows someone named Bob)
Buying local
Food samples
Shopping before noon. Or after noon. Or at exactly noon.

I honestly loved visiting The French Nest. It’s eclectic and fun and artsy, and it has a certain—I’m going to get all French on you and go with je ne sais quoi –which makes it stand out in the seasonal outdoor market scene. Maybe it was the combination of vintage lunchboxes, African beads and baskets, the wonderfully-named Olde Crone’s Bewitching Bath Soaps, delicious jams and jellies, and jewelry made from pennies that got me. I’m sure the fact that the sun was finally shining didn’t hurt, either.

You’ll find The French Nest Market from 9-3 at Civic Center Park on the third Saturday of the month until October. The May market had artist Sara Hale on hand doing free “French Nest” screen printing, and singer/guitar-player Jill Brzezicki providing the musical ambience. Visit the market’s website for more information about upcoming events. (No, you still don’t have to. But you should.)


Anonymous said…
Sheez kinda bossy, aren't we? I'm putting it on my list of to-do's right now and can hardly wait until the next 3rd Saturday in the month. This looks like it will be my thing and a lot of fun. Thanks Jenny!

Jenny said…
Marcie, I think you'll love the market! I'm glad you're going to check it out.
Hard to believe I haven't visited one of these yet. I really need to get out more.

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