Week 38: Students in the Spotlight

Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to everyone who visited during the A to Z Blog Challenge. (Apparently, there is also a Z to A in May Blog Challenge…maybe next year.) I’m back to my normal blog schedule now—posting my new activity of the week on Wednesdays, and whatever I cobble together for Fridays.

I usually plan my weekly activity by scoping out what’s happening around town, but occasionally the due course of my life plans it for me. That’s how I came to attend the Spotlight Music Students in the Spotlight recital. My son has been taking guitar lessons there for some time now, and because he is not the shrinking-violet-wallflower his mother was at his age—and, yes, I still kind of am—he jumped at the opportunity to perform in a band for the first time.

The instructors at Spotlight matched ten groups of students, and, after rehearsing once a week for three weeks, it was show time. The show included songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Green Day, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bread. (I believe that, by law, any recital, talent show, kazoo-band performance, or elevator ride must include Taylor Swift’s Love Story, and this was no exception.) It was a great variety of sounds, and I was so impressed by the talent, especially considering the challenging material and short rehearsal period.

Not all of the students were kids, and it was really fun to see adults and younger folks sharing the stage—and I so do not mean that in a cheesy, Partridge Family way. (More like a School of Rock way.) For many of us, once we reach a certain age, we close the door on learning new stuff such as playing an instrument, speaking a foreign language, or making origami underwear. But it shouldn’t be that way, because learning is as good for our brains as it is for our kids’ brains.

My son had such a great experience that I’m sure this first Spotlight rock recital won’t be his last. Unless I grab a tambourine and try to join him on stage, that is.


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