Friday Faces

Today's Friday Face belongs to undertaker Horace M. Balmer. (My husband thought the name was made up, so I felt compelled to prove otherwise.) Here is his bio, from a reproduction of the 1905 Chamber of Commerce brochure, compiled and edited by R.H. White:

"No wealth or power can stay the ravages of time, not affect the harvest of the grim reaper - Death-that ever and anon crosses the threshold and obliges bereaved relatives to pay toll to such indispensable establishments as that conducted by Mr. Balmer. He is located in the middle room in the Masonic Temple at No. 147 West Mountain avenue. Mr. Balmer is a licensed embalmer as well as a funeral director and has been in business for about eight years. He has an elegant rubber-tired funeral carriage, a beautiful new casket wagon and everything required to make his place first class and second to none, and the manner in which he conducts business makes his place grow steadily in favor with those whom sad circumstances compel to seek such services. Mr. Balmer is coroner of Larimer county and is a well and favorably known public man. He has long been a prominent figure in the city, is a K. P. and Elk, and takes a deep interest in all affairs concerning the welfare of the city. "

(I didn't know what a "K.P." was and had to look it up. It stands for The Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization founded in Washington D.C. on February 19, 1864.)

Put a pair of glasses on him, and Mr. H. M. Balmer would bear a resemblance to my maternal grandfather, who was the undertaker and funeral director at the Berthoud Funeral Home when I was growing up. (Thanks to the Fort Collins History Connection for the bio and picture.)

Mystery Photo:

Last week's mystery photo was of the mural on the east wall of the Trimble Court Gallery.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


I can see why your husband thought the name was made up....M. Balmer...very amazing coincidence.
Jenny said…
I know...too funny!

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