Fort Collins Stories

Today’s story is an excerpt from “Talking About Fort Collins: Selections from Oral Histories,” a joint project of The Friends of the Library and the Local History Department of the Fort Collins Public Library (1992). Transcripts of the oral histories are also available at Fort Collins History Connection.

“I started to work for the post office in 1907, on Linden Street. Then I worked in the new post office on College and Oak until 1921. It was built in 1912. When I was married—a woman had to give up her job. My job was taking care of the registered mail, the insured mail, the box rents, anything that needed a safety (sic) place for the money. The carriers were all afoot, of course. Whenever they left a letter any place, they blew a whistle. You knew when people were getting mail, you would hear the postman’s whistle.

“Everyone was so proud of our new post office, because it was made of the best materials, marble and granite. I remember the lights on the outside, a lamp on each side of the doors. We were so proud of those big lamps because they cost a lot of money, $250 apiece. They were beautiful. And the plate glass windows, and all of the furniture. It might have been the best building in town. At least we thought so.”
--Edith Bair, 1975

Mystery Photo
Last week's photo was taken in Moby Gym--but I think you all know that by now.

Where in Fort Collins was this week's picture taken?


Cassie said…
I love oral history! I wish more communities would focus on this, as its is so much more intimate than written factual records and show the nuances of a place and time.
Jenny said…
I's so interesting to learn about a place through the eyes and words of the people who live there.
The oral histories are so important to our understanding of the past. I get my mom to tell me stories all the time, but I really should be recording them.

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