Local Joys #4: An Unexpected Find

Hello again after my long hiatus! 

I love that I can still run across new discoveries in my hometown. My husband and I were out walking in a part of town we don't usually frequent and came across the first schoolhouse in Fort Collins. 

The plaque installed in 1976 (the year of Colorado's Centennial and the country's Bicentennial) reads:

By 1870, there were enough settlers in the area that a regular schoolhouse was needed for the children. Judge Howes raised the $1,100 to build this small structure. It served as a school for eight years until Remmington (sic) school opened in 1879. The building then became the Catholic Church until 1901 when St. Joseph's was built. It was then converted to a dwelling and is still used as such.

These days, the building, located at 115 Riverside Avenue, is home to a property management company.  

And here's a bonus photo taken near the Poudre River at the Homestead natural area:


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