Local Joys #3: The Masks Are Back!

Picture credit: FC MoA
Every year since 2003, the Fort Collins Museum of Art has held their Masks Exhibition and Benefit. The plain ceramic masks, seen here, are distributed to professional and recreational artists, who design and adorn them and return them to the museum for auction.

This year, in light of current events, the exhibition and auction are taking place online. For a virtual tour, click here, and to see the entire catalog of this year's masks, follow this link. As always, I'm amazed at the variety of artistic vision manifested in the masks. From poignant to whimsical, minimalist to ornately transformed, there is something for everyone. Click on the individual masks for more pictures and the artist's statments.

As you can imagine, museums everywhere are struggling with lengthy shut-downs due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Masks event is the museum's big annual fundraiser, and this year is more important than ever. Bidding is open until June 28. If you're so inclined, you have plenty of time to find that special mask and support a great cause.

I have never bid on a mask, but I'm going to this year. The tough part is deciding which one!

Stay safe and well, everyone!


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