Local Joys #2: Show Me the Monet

It seems like a year ago, but it was only the end of January when my husband and I ventured out (remember doing that?) to the Denver Art Museum to see the exhibit Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature. Spanning two decades, the exhibit consisted of more than 120 paintings reflecting Monet's evolving relationship with nature.

It was amazing and humbling to be in the presence of such beautiful artwork. I couldn't help but wonder what Monet might have thought if he'd known that his singular talent would someday draw sold-out crowds for weeks on end.

For a nice overview, watch the short video below. Try not be alarmed that people are standing close and no one is wearing a mask. It was B.C. (Before Corona).

These quotes from Monet provide interesting insight, too.

Wishing you health and safety as we continue to take things one day at a time on the long road back to normal!


April Moore said…
I'm so jealous! Monet has always been a favorite--and there were so many in the video I had never seen before. It's so hard not to feel joy looking at his work--I think I would have spent hours at the exhibit. (BC--before Corona--haha!)
Jenny said…
It was amazing, and I was really grateful for the opportunity to see it. Especially considering how many things have been cancelled in the past couple of months!

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