Local Joys #1

Hello there, and happy Monday! In case you missed it, I'm working on bringing more joy into my life this year and writing about it at my other blog, Jenny Writes. Here at this blog, I'm reporting on the local joys I find around my hometown.

This week:

I was stopped at a light when I saw this orange Lamborghini in my rearview. It was a beautiful day, and this couple looked like they were having a blast as they passed me. (Of course they passed me. Pretty sure they passed everyone.)

And on Saturday, my husband and I happened across this 24-hour open Jam for the Van session. The folk band A Brother's Fountain was trying to raise money for a touring van, and they also donated half of their proceeds to the local homeless mission.

I'm not sure how many on the stage at this moment were actual band members, but here's a bit about the band that I swiped from online:
A Brother’s Fountain is a band birthed from deep spiritual expression within the avenue of passionate music. Their story began on the street corners of Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Starting out with just two guitarists/songwriters, the band has evolved into a seven piece with a rather eclectic combination of instruments. They have uncovered a folk inspired genre that you’ve always wanted to hear, but never knew existed.

Joy on, people!


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