CVB Comedy with Sam Adams

It was my pleasure last week to join some of the staff and volunteers from our local CVB for a night of food and comedy at Coopersmith’s Poolside. Just to clear up any confusion, a CVB is not a pharmacy or cable shopping network. It’s a Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau, and Fort Collins has a great one. (If you’re not familiar with the FCCVB, take a few minutes to check out the recently updated website. It’s a great resource for visitors and residents alike.)

Some of you may remember that Coop’s Poolside used to house Fort Collins’s very own satellite of Denver’s famed Comedy Works. So I eagerly anticipated getting back there for some laughs…and any evening that includes Coop’s artichoke dip is a go in my book.

I didn’t know anyone when I arrived, so I jumped right into my favorite networking activity: Standing Awkwardly to the Side. Then I mixed things up by Standing Awkwardly to the Side with Ice Water. (Yeah, I’m spontaneous like that.) But then I ran into fellow northern Colorado blogger Heidi, aka the Mayor of HeidiTown, and we caught up while enjoying food and beverages. Heidi is a lot of fun, and she always knows what’s happening around the area, so be sure to visit her blog.

Many of the volunteers in attendance fit nicely into the post-retirement demographic, and I imagine that finding a comedian for a multi-generational crowd might be a bit tricky. But the CVB nailed it by bringing in Denver-based Sam (“He don’t look like the guy on the beer bottle”) Adams. Sam has been performing comedy since 2001, after more than twenty years as a sports journalist. In 2009, he was a winner at the Great American Comedy Festival.

Without a stage, the space doesn’t lend itself as well to a stand-up performance as it did back in the day, but Sam was a good sport about performing amid the pool tables. His humor is clean and clever and very funny. Everyone had some good laughs, and I hope to catch his show again, even if it means driving to Denver and missing my usual pre-11-o’clock-even-on-weekends bedtime. Visit Sam’s website for his bio and show dates.

Oh, and I really hate to give away a comedian’s jokes, so I’ll just say that I visited the paint store and think my true color might be Wistful Beige.


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