Friday Five: Flashback Facts

In 1956, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce and Fort Collins Industrial Fund, Inc., put out a brochure entitled Fortunate Fort Collins to help attract business to the area. Five random facts from that brochure:

1. The average age of Larimer County residents (per 1950 census) was 29.1 years;

2. There were 1,521 farms in Larimer County averaging 478 acres (per the 1954 agricultural census);

3. Those farms included approximately 70,000 cattle; 5,000 hogs; 2,000 horses and mules; 151,000 sheep, and 102,000 poultry.

4. Fort Collins had one high school, one junior high school, and a total public school enrollment of 4,206 students; and

5. With a population of 24,000, Fort Collins was the smallest community in the nation with its own symphony orchestra.

Where was I?

It's the south-west corner of a busy intersection.
It has this circular boardwalk, a few lonely-looking sculptures, and a great view of the A.


Anonymous said…
Great Photo! I am a local landscape architect and I happen to be the designer of this mysterious object. Glad to see people interested in the project. Thanks! - JM

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