Friday Feature: Two Local Artists

How's your Christmas shopping going? If you need gift ideas and want to keep it local, check out these two wonderfully talented Fort Collins artists:

Fused glass artist Kathi Dougherty is having her home show and sale this Friday and Saturday. Her work is amazing, and she also teaches classes in her studio. (This picture is from her booth at last summer's Creative Garden.)

Jewelry maker and writer Michelle Mach sells through etsy and also blogs about beads and books. I love her whimsical, book-inspired jewelry. She's offering free shipping on any purchase through December 3.

Mystery Photo:

No mystery photo last week, just my dog wishing for turkey. From the previous week, the man in the photo is Don Brown, the wall dog who painted the Old Town Coca Cola sign (and others).

Where in Fort Collins was this week's seasonal picture taken?


Michelle Mach said…
Thanks for featuring me--what a nice surprise! I love Kathi's work, too.

The photo . . . Lincoln Center?
Jenny said…
Thanks for stopping by, Michelle. I hope you have a great holiday!

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