Friday Fun Fact

Old Town Fort Collins served as a model for Disneyland’s Main Street (shown at left). Harper Goff, who worked for Disney, grew up in Fort Collins. In his words, “When I started working on Main Street, I had photographs of Fort Collins taken. I showed them to Walt, and he liked them very much. Disneyland's City Hall was copied from Fort Collins. So was the Bank building, and some of the others.”

Read the whole story at the Fort Collins History Connection.

Mystery Photo
Last week’s picture was taken at the Woodward drive-through Christmas display.

At which Fort Collins restaurant was this week's picture taken?


Anonymous said…
LOVE that little factoid about downtown Fort Collins being the blue print for Disney's mainstreet. No wonder I never want to leave Disneyland - it's like home.

Hmmm, I think is is J., maybe Stonehouse Grille, or is it The Beach House Grill. Sorry Jen, I was going to disqualify myself this week, but I can't resist. I've been to many a Coach's show at this fun little place.

Marcie Johnston
Jenny said…
I forgot about the coach's show...of course you would be a regular there, Marcie!

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