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Reader Story #2

My husband and I came to Fort Collins in 1964. We had moved to Denver after he graduated from Kansas State University. I graduated from the University of Denver and taught school in Denver Public Schools. My husband earned his Masters Degree in History at DU and got a job as Colorado Deputy State Historian. The job allowed us to do lots of traveling in Colorado, and we enjoyed visiting Fort Collins.

While my husband was pursuing his PhD at DU, he was offered a job in the history department at Colorado State University, as a mid-year replacement for an ailing professor. He accepted the job, and we moved to Fort Collins in January. It was a very stressful transition for us. My husband had never taught at the university level, and I was pregnant and having serious complications. Despite being in a new place, with a new doctor, I felt well-cared-for at PVH and in the community at large.

We had two lovely daughters. When my husband became ill in 1968, I went back to teaching. I started at Jean Irish Elementary, which opened that year. I stayed there ten years and then taught for ten years at Lincoln Junior High.

My husband died in 1974. As a single parent, I had opportunities to leave Fort Collins, but I wanted to keep my family here. This is such a wonderful place to raise children. All of the awards Fort Collins has won are because of the pride people take in this community. I am pleased that I am able to stay involved, including serving my second term on the Transportation Board, where I am the last original member. I also serve on the UniverCity Connection Transit and Mobility Committee.

--Sara, savvy senior

Friday Fun Mystery Photo:

Does anyone know where in Fort Collins this photo was taken?


Is that arch out on east Mulberry? I feel like I've driven by it.
Anonymous said…
No, where?! It's way cool! Could it be an entrance into a dinosaur quarry?

Kristin said…
That's Fossil Creek Park! I think ;)
I enjoy reading the stories of Fort Collins, and wondering what you're up to this week in your quest for new experiences.
Jenny said…
It is at Fossil Creek Park. Nice job, Kristin.

Thanks, Pat!

Natasha Wing said…
Where are there statues or roadside attractions of dinosaurs here? I want to take photos of my new book, How to Raise a Dinosaur, with dinosaurs looming in the background for some fun publicity. Please email me at

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